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Sunday, June 1, 2008

another dream..

I had a series of other weird dreams last night It must've been the Red Bull talking. I'm at my old high school. It seems like I'm part of a dress rehearsal for some play however, people are there. Family members, friends, teachers. They're all surrounded around the school's forum looking at us getting ready for the performance. My whole family is there, too. Even my little niece and nephew. My niece sees me. She starts to talk. I'm overcome with joy. Smile, blow her a kiss and give her an air tickle. She laughs. I get back into character. Suddenly it seems like my whole family start to have a conversation while we're trying to practice. It's getting on my nerves. I start to yell at my family members to basically shut up. I start to air punch different members of the family. I then zoom into another dream where I'm at a massage parlor. A legit one, I guess. Don't really know. I'm sitting there. Waiting. No one is coming in. It's a dark room with red candle lit curtains. I wake up.

On a side note, remember those recurring dreams I've been having? I had one last night, too. I woke up thinking I was still at that massage parlor. Took me a few seconds to clue in that I wasn't and that it was Sunday morning at I was home sweet home.