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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

..and the drama continues

It must be hard when your roommate's people don't contact you about stuff they'll be doing at home when you're not there. Oh so the life that continues to unfold over on The Hills. It seems like the break out star Audrina Partridge had OK Magazine come over to take shots of the house she shares with Hills co-stars Lauren Conrad and Lauren “Lo” Bosworth. However, when flat mate Conrad came home, she had a fit saying that she had already had money coming in to talk to another 'zine.

"She was very, very, very mad," revealed Audrina. "She said it’s her house. But this is my room. I said, 'We’re not taking pictures of your house — don’t be rude.' It just adds to the tension. Now she thinks I’m sneaky and shady for doing this photo shoot, yet she and her team knew about it. She won’t let it go."

It's been rumored that the former BFF's haven't been talking for a while now. No word yet if MTV will have the girls mention this encounter next season as the cameras weren't rolling when it went down.