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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

virtual mixtape

I think this will be a new feature. Maybe not. Let me know know if you want it to be and I'll do it more often. I know my friends always look at me as the music guy and they come to me for some good tunes - old, new, underground, popular, obscure, rare golden digs. Any type of genre. Just good music, I guess. Enter this new feature of me creating a virtual mixtape where I'll post some of my favorite tunes at the moment for you to check out. Post some of your recommendations. Let me know if I got you hooked on a new sound or band or singer or type of genre. As long as I was able to inspire, I know I've done my job. So here's my first virtual mixtape. Enjoy.

1)Laundry Room - D-Sisive

2)Man's World - Guilty Simpson
3) It's a man's World - James Brown
4) Supersition - Stevie Wonder
5)I got a Women - Ray Charles
6) Protection - Massive Attack
7) Overcome - Tricky
8) Being Boring - Pet Shop Boys
9) One Evening - Feist
10) It's All Over - Ohio Players
11) The Red - Jaylib
12) 1980 - Estelle
13) Frontin - Jamie Cullum
14) Blue Monday - New Order
15)Elevate My Mind - Stereo MC's