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Monday, December 28, 2015

G&B: #NYE: Baby New Years’ Soundtrack

Christmas Day 2014. I was sitting in my cousin’s living room and talking about songs we were listening to at the moment. Tunes that kept our walking boots dancing and our headphones loud.
That Christmas night, I came up with an idea where The Geeks at Geeks & Beats would share songs we were feeling. Similar to Editor’s Picks, but just us, choosing tunes that we were listening to.
I stayed the night at my cousin’s place and returned home on Boxing Day. As I got back to the man cave, I immediately e-mailed the Newsroom and pitched the idea. The Geeks loved it. We formed our small crew and it was rock’n’roll time.
The Geek Beat Picks of the Week was born.
One year later, and the feature is still my favourite to write. I look forward every month to share some of my favourite tunes with all of you. I also look forward to reading Amber and Matt’s picks every week.
As The Geeks Beat Picks turns 1, and as 2016 creeps on us, let’s celebrate with tracks that symbolize new beginnings and starting fresh and good music – after all isn’t that what this feature is all about?
Turn it up. It’s a party…

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