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Saturday, November 21, 2015

G&B: Ansari, Crowie are the Masters of the None Soundtrack

I was hooked by the morning-after pill pick-up scene from the first episode of the latest Netflix craze Master of None. The brainchild behind the show, comic Aziz Ansari, fronts this brilliantly witty comedy as Dev, an aspiring actor who lives in New York life split between making big money as an actor and leading an aimlessness life surrounded by a tight group of local pals and enough to get by.
While the acting is great. The characters have depth and curves, Writing top notch. Another huge hook I found came in the music. The soundtrack just a plus when I finished the first season of Master of None in one night. The shows music director, Zack Crowie (“Public Enemies”, “Celeste & Jesse Forever”) revealed to Pitchfork that Ansari and himself are both “record collectors that are kind of always looking for crate-digging kind of deeper stuff.” he said, “that sort of becomes a sound that unifies the whole series. A lot of it is just mixed up sort of records, and it does fit well with the character.”
Let’s take a look this week at some of my personal favourites chosen to be part of the soundtrack of one of my new personal favourite shows.

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