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Thursday, October 15, 2015

G&B: #BlueJays to Avenge 1985 Defeat from KC Royals: Don’t You Forget About ’85

Toronto was still celebrating the Blue Jays epic win Wednesday night when the Kansas City Royals beat the Houston Astros, 7-2. This meant that we would meet the Royals in our first American League Championship Series since ’93. And it’d be a KC-Blue Jays re-match from 1985. The Royals defeated the Jays on Toronto home turf, in a series that went 7 games. Dave Stieb lost the 8 hitter, 6-2.
30 years later, the Jays are planning on avenging their retro defeat with the first game set for Friday, October 11th in KC. The Geeks and Beats staff look at what was trending in 1985 as we #ComeTogether in 2015.

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