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Thursday, March 6, 2014

'fi and the others.

There's not much  to report with the release of the latest Toronto radio ratings. CHFI rules. And then there's the others. With a hefty lead over the rest with a 18.0 point share, CHFI is doing something right. With second place spot going to CBC Radio One at a 10 share, the only other music station that comes close to the top five is cornerstone, CHUM-FM with a trusty 7.5 share. The others are falling behind with less than 500,000 ears tuned in. It's obvious that Q107's 4.5 and NY's 2.8 just proves that the two rock stations in town need some fine tuning. Or for Edge's sake, just some good rebranding.. Format Flip, perhaps? As for the talkers, CHFI sister station, 680 News lead the AM slots with a 7 share while CFRB comes close with 5.2 and 640 at 2.4. The others? They're there.