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Saturday, August 24, 2013

billie on edge? todd on virgin?

We might have a winner for the new co-host of the Edge morning show. On the heels of the departure of long time Dean Blundell tag partner, Todd Shapiro  in July, the station has been doing on-air auditions for the new Blundell sidekick. But it's been former member of the Madd Dogg and Billie show, Billie Holiday who has been winning all the rounds. 

Is she the next host? 

Looks like she will be. This is interesting. 

When her show with Jay "Madd Dogg" Michaels were at their peak, Blundell took daily jabs at the duo and claimed they stole his show material. Guessing all has been forgotten as the two seem to be getting along fabulously. 

The addition of the tame Billie (nee Amanda Dunn) could satisfy the big boys who recently give Dean Blundell and his show stern warnings about his show topics. However, would it satisfy Blundell listeners? The show has since been criticised of being too boring since Shapiro packed up. 

Where's Todd? Check Virgin. Industry whispers say he's set to become the next drive-home guy. 99.9 has been taking out ads in radio papers and even job sites looking for a new drive host, so it won't be too far fetched that Todd takes over that seat come fall.  

Stay tuned.