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Monday, July 15, 2013

enough heat, not enough sugar.

Put three brown sugar bags into this coffee. Can't taste it. I might have put in too much Soy. I'm at Panara Bread in Michigan. First day after my 35th, and the first day of rest I've had since getting here four days ago. The birthday celebration vacation has been full of singing, drinking, tanning, bike riding and relaxing. Not enough, obviously, since I'm still feeling it from last week and from Sunday, especially.

Due to some balancing issues stemming from childhood, I can't ride a regular bike. However, when I take a boat over to Mackinac Island, in Northern Michigan, I ride a tricycle. And, I take advantage of that freedom. Sunday morning we started early. Got to the island by 9am. Rode till Noon. I clocked in 8 miles. Had lunch at the Grand Hotel then, another couple clicks before I had to turned her in.

Slept for most of the 3.5 hour ride home while listening to Eagles and Joplin. It was a good afternoon. At night, we watched the WWE PPV. At the end of the day, my legs were sore, I was full and tired. Just the way I wanted to feel on my Birthday.

The trip continues for another few days. Back on Friday.

Will continue to fill you in and post some flicks along with the updates.

Stay Cool.