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Sunday, April 7, 2013

do what works.

Been wanting to write for a couple of days. Finally getting a chance too, but writers block has hit me. Type a few words, then I erase. Stuck. While I have plenty to write about, it's just not being formed into good sentences. So, I'm just going to write what makes sense. And what works. You can't force things like this. It has to be natural. 

My new Android phone has brought me a lot of joy for the past few days. Joined Instagram  Got the lowdown on the coolest and most practical Apps, and sometimes, I use it to make a phone call. This thing makes calls, too? Who would'a thunk. I can see why people get addicted to their super smart phones. Why their attention spans are short and their head is always tilted down. I'm new to the game. I believe, I  still have hope.  

Stuck again. Write. Erase. Repeat. 

Back in the early 90s I had a back surgery to correct a twisted spine. For years after the surgery, I had this annoying pinched nerve tickle in my back. Hadn't had a tickle for years, but it has returned. Started off only when I was sleeping - two to three times a day.. Now, it randomly appears at all hours during the day. It's been an annoying visitor. The tiny creatures in there have to shut up in there. Soon.  

Banged out a few paragraphs. I'll quit while I'm ahead. Till next time, Do what Works.