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Thursday, March 7, 2013

jingling radio numbers

The winter months on Toronto radio is where the music driven formats shine. Where people who are still in town tune in for their Bing Crosby and various versions of Baby, It's Cold Outside. While all the station mainstays go on vacation, the empty radio halls boast teasers why you should tune in after the New Year. Be it as it may, the numbers still need to be crunched. The ratings still do matter to station suits and advertisers.

 The all-Chrismas muzak monster CHFI once again  leads the winter book with a strong 16 point share followed by CHUM-FM and the always popular CBC Radio 1. The following is a list of the top 10 stations that were listened to in Toronto between November 2012  and February 2013. See if you can spot your favorite radio station among the usual suspects.

1 share point equals to 100,000 ears. To see the full list, go here.  

CHFIFM Toronto  16.9
CHUMFM Toronto 10.5
CBCFM Toronto 10.0
CFTR Toronto 6.5
VIRGINFM Toronto 6.3
Q107FM Toronto 5.8
CFRB Toronto  5.8
BOOMFM Toronto 4.8
CKISFM Toronto 3.7