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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

the world will still be here tomorrow

I caught myself having the TV guide channel on for a record 10 minutes tonight. I just seemed to forget to switch it before I turned my computer back on to surf the web to cure yet another curse of insomnia. Too many `the world is ending' thoughts going through the dome while the world looks a snow globe through my bedroom window. I joke. The world isn't going to end. The media just wants to make you think it is. And that's why the advertisers give them dough. I digress. I was searching for odd stuff via the Mighty Google. I then toured Tumblr, Twitter. The Yellow Board, and the other usual suspects. Now. I'm here. Writing. For the second time today. I don't remember the last time I wrote this late. Walked home today thinking it would've been a beautiful day if it weren't for that wind. Just happy I didn't have to come home after 9pm. And lived in Toronto. Or even worse - Mississauga. I heard they're getting hammered. I'm rambling. That's my cue to go. Just a quick note to exercise the money makers before sleep attempt number two. Sleep well, all. The world will still be here tomorrow.