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Monday, December 10, 2012

don't blame the djs

Growing up listening to Top40 radio, I was privileged enough to hear some of the greatest bits on CFTR, CHUM, and other local outlets. Our pal, Tom Rivers, did the legendary Call of the Day. Jesse and Gene joked with listeners on Q, 'TR and AM640.  These are some of the examples how I feel in love with The Theater of the Mind. I would look forward to these skits on the radio to make me laugh. To Entertain Me. The tunes were a backdrop. It were these bits that made me listen.

Prank calls' on radio have been around for as long as I can remember. Pulling pranks on folks have been something that's been apart of  the appeal of radio. 

Who can forget Mike Coopers April Fools Day classic back in the 70s that got everyone thinking the jock was shot on air? 

When 2Day FM presenters, Mel Greig and Michael Christian, called King Edward VII's Hospital to see if they could find out the latest on a pregnant Kate Middleton, they were doing the same thing that Rivers, Jesse and Gene and many other DJs have been doing for eons. They were trying to have fun with a topical issue using an overdone radio sketch. Using bad voices mimicking The Queen and Prince Charles, they got more information that they really wanted. Or called for. Like with most DJs who do such bits, they thought they'd be hung up on thus having the joke on them. However it didn't work out that way. And it would later end in tragedy. 

But Don't Blame the DJs. 

They were doing their job. They pulled off a brilliant piece of parody radio. They never thought that it would end like this. 

It's natural for humans to want to point fingers We have to look at the masses over obsession with The Royals. We have to look at the protocol that the hospital obviously never set in place in regards to phone calls like these when a Royal visits. Most importantly, we have to look at Mental Health issues some face and how it can also harm innocent bystanders. 

Let's carry on with heavy hearts and think of the real issues. Let's not make this unfortunate circumstance end    laughter on the radio.