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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

the music nerd

As a Music Nerd, I’m always looking for  music as much as recent flavor and old school classics. My monthly acquisitions go all over the map. Different genres touched. Different musical taste buds sensed. This is why I bring The Music Nerd.  I will list and give a quick comment on some of the latest records I’ve been enjoying. Old, New, Classic, Obscure. This is for the music fan in all of us. So without any more chat, let’s get to it.

The Queen is Dead - The Smiths - Someone posted Smiths' Please, Please, Please on my Tumblr feed the other day. Always been a huge fan of the iconic 80s band. I listened to the tune while warming up my leftovers and pouring a new glass of OJ. Reuniting with the English mates, prompted me to check out their staple album from 1985, The Queen is Dead. A classic form that decade. One of those albums that you can listen to from beginning to end and never find fault in any of it. Should be part of every music nerd collection. Harmony at its best.

The Three Tunes to Check: I Know it's Over, The Queen is Dead, The Boy with the Thorn in his Side.

How You Do - Mayer Hawthorne - I missed him while he was in Michigan over the weekend, but I woke up Saturday morning and started my day with Hawthorne's 2011 release, How You Do. I usually start my weekend mornings with oldies. It just seems right. Mayer's feel isn't too far away from that sound. Groovy, Poppy and Funky. When I visualize his videos, I think of them being in black and white, in a cafe with girls wearing poke-a-dot dresses, sporting pigtails, dancing by a soda machine while the Box is blasting the soulful instrumentals. This Stones Throw artist, will get you in the groove. The album is perfect for a weekend, or use it to get the girl in the mood. The man has soul.

The Three Tunes to Check - The Walk, Dreaming, You Called Me.

Most of my Heroes Still Don't Appear on No Stamp - Public Enemy - This is the first of two albums the legendary outfit is releasing this year. The second to drop this month. No Stamp is an eleven track movement of conscience Hip Hop that brought it back to the classic wisdom that Chuck D spits. With guest spots from Large Professor, DMC, Brother Ali, among others, This is a must have for any Boom Bap Hip Hop fan from the 90s. Hip Hop lives.

The Thee Tunes to Check - Get up and Stand Up, Fast Food, Hoover Music.