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Friday, July 20, 2012

the bigger picture

Woke up this morning to begin a month of fasting. Yes, I am fasting for the Holy Month of Ramadan. It's been years since I've fasted. I thought it was a good time for some spiritual cleansing. Good time to stay off the rock. Kidding. Just want to take a break from drinking for a while and get back to the foundation of it all. The Bigger Picture type of stuff.

As I got my food prepared, I turned on the news to check out the daily ticker of what's happening in the world. I then learned about the utterly despicable act that went on overnight in Colorado during a special midnight screening of The Dark Knight. I'm not going to repeat the details. Trust you have already heard all about it.

Toronto saw another horrible shooting spree last Monday. This is getting way too much.

Sometimes I feel I am the only one in the world who doesn't owe a gun.

Guns are only an object. What is to really to be blamed are the people holding the object. The conscience  behind the gun. Or the knife, or the wooden stick. Or anything else that can be used to end someone's life. That's who is at fault.

I heard one of the victims of the Theater 9 bloodbath last night was a young sports journalist who was on vacation in Toronto and at The Eaton Center when the mass shooting in the food court went down. She blogged about it here. . Sometimes, I wonder why I'm not scared to leave my house. We forget hearing about these incidents and wrap ourselves in love and trust that the wold is a good place and our brothers and sisters would never harm us.

That that would never happen to me mentality.

Is it good to have that train of thought? No. But we also can't be afraid of the world. We can't wrap ourselves in fright. We can't hide from the good and the peace.

With some spiritual cleansing this month, I will look for the answer. It's a tough question. How do we live without getting effected by random mass isolated acts of violence. Bigger picture stuff.

In the meantime, play safe together. Be good to each other.

...Isn't that all we can really do?