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Friday, July 6, 2012

the music nerd

I thought it was time to write again. I haven't wrote in a while. Not like how I used to. Compared to the last two years, I have been pretty lazy on coming up with new things to do on here. But last night, when I wasn't thinking too much, it hit me.

 A Brand New Feature.

As a Music Nerd, I'm always looking for  music as much as recent flavor and old school classics. My monthly acquisitions go all over the map. Different genres touched. Different musical taste buds sensed. This is why I bring The Music Nerd.  I will list and give a quick comment on some of the latest records I've been enjoying. Old, New, Classic, Obscure. This is for the music fan in all of us. So without any more chat, let's get to it...

E and A - Eyedea and Abilities: A classic underground release from 2004 kicks us off. I hadn't listened to too much backpacker for a while until I was reminded about this duo a few weeks back, and had to cop  their discography. Out of their three studio albums, E and A was always my favorite.

The Three Tunes to Check: - Act Right, Kept, Now.

Shut Up, Dude - Das Racist
- Gotta admit, I wasn't feeling these guys until recently when I heard them spit on various guest spots (most notably, the remix of that recent Exquire banger. You know what I'm talking about). I then started to check out their interviews and they seemed like really cool guys. I decided to give them a chance. I am now a full fledged fan. I haven't stopped listening to this album since I got it last weekend.

The Three Tunes to Check
- Shut Up, Dude, You Oughta Know, Nutmeg

The Idler Wheel - Fiona Apple - On a totally different level, I was shocked when I accidentally found out the other day that the 2 album a decade songstress dropped a new album. She even did a show here in Toronto this week. I had to check out the album. It's good. It's good for background music. I liked her backintheday. I still like her now, but her new material is nothing like her 1999 self. Her fans will dig it. I don't think she's gonna win any new ears with this project, however.

The Three Tunes to Check - Regret, Every Single Night, Jonathan