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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

z becomes energy june 22

It was just about time. Rumors whisper that Toronto's dance station Z103.5's eventual re-brand comes June 22.. It was heard today that recently canned talent, Scott Fox will be reuniting with 103 to front the new morning show. Yes. The same Fox who was let go back in February. After jumping ship to Virgin 99.9, listeners followed. 103.5 has since chosen to bring the announcer back for another run. Earlier, we thought he will be returning to join ex-morning show tag team partner, Ashley Greco. However in a turn for the better, Greco will hit the big market on landmark CHUM-FM starting this Sunday. Greco leaves. Fox returns. So Fox in the morning? Running solo?  On his website, Fox teased that a huge announcement for the future of Toronto radio comes June 22. Enter Energy 103.5.

 It was earlier this year that 103.5 owner, Evenov Broadcasting re-branded their Z station out in Halifax as Energy Radio. The same branding they will be doing here.