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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

magical christmas' of our childhood..

Long day already. More ahead. Feeling the come down already. On my forth cup of Joe. Just want to take a few minutes to jot a few words down. Gotta keep up with my writing, I thought today. Get that practise in. We took Bayview down this morning and it was a nice drive looking at the trees covered with a light blanket of snow. Picturesque. Gave me that real Christmas feeling. Especially playing the Christmas music on CHFI. When Nat King Cole came on, it was perfect. Nat IS Christmas. Or maybe he's just The Voice. It's those individual sounds and visuals that get someone into the mood for Christmas. For me, music has a lot to do with it. That and snow. Some of my best memories of the season came as a kid when we lived on a huge land and the family would get together in the basement looking over our huge backyard covered with the white stuff. We were all singing carols, holding hands and being merry. It was like a movie or one of those old TV Holiday specials. Santa paid us a visit, too. It was truly some magical times.

Funny so many years later, we try to recreate that same feeling. That same aura of love. But we can't. Times have changed. Things have changed. Feelings have changed. We get caught up in our long days and four cups of Coffee, all we can do is to appreciate the present we have together while sharing stories of the old days with the little ones who will think these days are the magical Christmas' of their childhood.