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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

patrice o'neal

I was last in Vegas back in 2007. It was a hotter than usual afternoon on the strip. I decided to go for my regular walk along the path to take in the same sights that I practically grew up with. To re-visit the old stomping grounds. To reunite with the old hotels. As I got up to New York New York, the heat got really bad. I decided to dip inside and take in some AC for a bit. I visited the bar and found a slot machine. Got time, I thought. Maybe I'd burn some money while I'm coolin' off. I was there for just under five minutes when a bigger black dude sat down beside me. We nodded heads. He just started talking from the get-go about Vegas. And the girls. And free drinks. And the clubs. He then asked me my age. He was surprised. He said he was going to ask me where I got my fake ID from. This guy was all funny. We sat there for an hour. Most of the time, just keeping the chairs warm and sipping from our mixed cocktail glasses. We would play. Talk. Play some more. Drink. After a few, he had to leave. He shook my hand and told me to stay up. I told him it was great to meet someone so down to earth in a city full of plastic.

It wasn't till a few months later I would see him again. On TV. It was the comedians comedian, Patrice O'Neal.

Was shocked today to hear about his stroke. I'm pulling for you, Patrice. The world needs more funny. Stay Up.