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Thursday, October 6, 2011

i had a dream i had an iphone last night..

I haven't gotten into the whole smart phone culture. I've got a LG Rumor. Basic phone. I use a PC. I was never an Apple guy. Even though, the design and creative side of me always wanted one, I've only ever used Windows. And I think that'll be the same for a bit longer. The music fan in me, however, thought what Jobs did to the industry was brilliant. Who wouldda thunk it? Buy tracks instead of full albums. Make the bulky walkman into something that can fit in your small jean or jacket pocket.

Steve thunk it.

He thought differently. And people followed.

It's amazing that you can go through your whole day using just Jobs junk. I only had The Shuffle. Thought it was the coolest thing when my sister got it for me for Christmas a few years ago. I remember after a few with the boys, I would make sure that the little guy was still on me. It was so small. Durable and Powerful but Small. I still chuckle on how crazy it was that so many songs were able to be packed into the tiny device. Incredible.

So. Yeah. Had that dream last night. I had a dream that I had an Iphone. I was building a house and I bought an just for the app that helps you level pictures on the wall. My phone in my dream was able to paint itself. I woke up and thought. Huh. A phone that paints the walls for you. What a silly idea. That could never happen. Unbelievable. How could a phone be a robot in disguise? I laughed. As I tried to fall back asleep, I realized something. Silly. That could never happen. Unbelievable. Words people said before about a contraption that could play music that can fit inside your tiny jacket or jean pocket. About the idea where a computer can fit on your lap. Chuckle at the thought of a phone that doubles as a computer.

I don't think the words, Silly or Unbelievable or the phrase, that could never happen were in Jobs vocabulary. And because of that, we owe Jobs a lot. Our whole lifestyle. The way we communicate. Learn. Read. Listen. Be.

While heaven gets a system reboot today, the world has lost our visionary leader. Who made those silly dreams that most would chuckle at, happen. And into reality.

Thank you for your dreams Steve.