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Saturday, October 29, 2011

brother love - a black keys mixtape..

On the heels of another release, The Black Keys remain one of the best bands of this century putting in work since 2003. With the release of last year's huge hit, Brother, they gained a whole new audience who, like me, dug in the crates to get more from this obscure band. Over the past year or so, The Keys have become a huge part of my regular musical rotation. Therefore, thought it would be fitting to put together a mixtape paying tribute to the band. The Black Keys.

The Breaks
240 Years before your Time
I Cry Alone
The Desperate Man
Meet me in the City
Girl is on my Mind
The Lengths
All you ever Wanted
Brooklyn Bound
Act Nice and Gentle
Strange Times
Leavin’ Truck
Things Aint like they used to Be
So He Won’t Break
I’ll Be Your Man
Next Girl
No Trust
Remember When (Side A)
Midnight in Her Eyes
Tighten Up
Goin Home