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Thursday, September 29, 2011

sorts of the arts..

Remember the people I saw last weekend? The crew that I hadn't seen in a while? When I did see them over the weekend, they all had one main point to make. It was nice to see me back in the art scene of Toronto. Even if it was just for a day. For a few hours. Just to check in and assure everyone I was still down. Catch up and assure them they have my support from afar. One thing I've been trying to do this year was to get back to the basics. And that means trying to get more involved in the art scene again. This time around, I'm trying to be more local. There's an old graffiti saying. First you represent your hood then you go bomb elsewhere. Gotta represent your own first. This is the reason why I joined the local writers group. Writers Community of York Region.. This Sunday will mark the first meeting and session I will be working. An early brunch at the where the renowned author Richard Scrimger will be speaking. Google him. He's a hoot. Anyway. Looking forward to it. Spending the morning with like minded writers who live locally and have an creative imput to share. It'll be good times. Back sorta in the arts.