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Thursday, July 28, 2011

vinyl gets a new morning show

After a brisk removal of Vinyl 95.3 morning show last week, rumors were going around radio circles that the newly available Fred Patterson - who was let go from his duties as Program DIrector for the Corus stations in Peterborough, will reunite with Humble Howard, who is also on the unemployment line. False. Now it has been reported that the stations new morning run will be David Laidman from London, ON's Fresh-FM and Toronto favorite Colleen Rusholme - who, along with Howard was fried from Boom mornings back in May. Does this mean that the station will be doing the all needed re-tweeking of format? Will they be going for the current approach and focus energies on Hamilton? We will need to tune in and find out. Summer is not over, yet. I'm sure they'll be doing more moving and shaking before fall.