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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

camp kids

I was never a camp kid. I think it had to do with how over-protective my parents where of me. Or that I was never an outdoorsey guy, either.I'd rather stick close by quarters and camp out in the line of the MindBuster at Canada's Wonderland and fetch food at the Mall food court while hunting for new digs and teenage toys. I kinda envied my friend who went to camp. I would see them on the first day of school and they would share all these adventures they went on and describing their new pals who they made life long relations with during the three months of nature walks, campfires and marshmallows. I went on walks. We sat around the living room fire place and told stories. We burned some marshmallows.  But it wasn't the same.

The Toronto Waldorf School is still looking for camp kids. They're recruiting the little ones from ages 4 to 14, Depending on the age bracket, they will be entertained by educational outdoor experiences like visiting Camp Kettelby, and the Albion Hills Conversation area where they have bicycle trails and a huge lake to swim in. The younger ones can enjoy nature walks, imaginative play,songs and stories.  The camp runs from June 20th till August 19th weekly.