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Friday, June 10, 2011

CHFI still tops..

Another ratings book has been published and agian, the winner is CHFI. The Toronto radio ratings were released for the period from February 28th to May 28th 2011 and it looks like the lady stations are holding strong. While CHFI leads with a commanding 13.6 share, CHUM-FM comes in at 9.4. Both stations tie in points for male listeners while CHFI beats out CHUM for female tuners. Chorus rockers' Q107 and Edge have a tight hold on the male demo with Q leads overall with a 7.2 while brother station Edge has a decent 6.1. Meanwhile on the AM side, 680 continues to hold strong leading the News Talk yappers, 640 and CFRB. 680 is a bit down from its previous book at a 7.3. 'RB is 5.4 and 640 comes in with 2.0 which a point higher from the last ratings book. New kids on the block, TSN 1050 has a .5 share in its first real rating run. Competitor, FAN 590 is steady at 3.1. In the FM Teen scene, Virgin pops the head of KISS with a bright 5.5 share with KISS kissing the 3.8 mark. 99.9 also leads KISS with female and male ears.