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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

rip pete griffin

Toronto has lost a radio pioneer. Pete Griffin fronted the Pete and Geets Show in the 80s on the old CFNY. Before that he was on CHUM-FM in the 70s when the station was experimental and used the theater of the mind rule. I once heard a story about how Griffin would use pizza boxes on turntables to make odd sound effects on-air. He was a true innovator and a shock jock. Before shock jocking was cool. Pete had an infectious laugh and even though he was in his mid-40 by the time he got to the big time, he was still able to hang with the young jocks never missing a party or a baseball game. I never listened to Pete and Geets. They were before my time, but thanks to airchecks, I was lucky enough to re-live the magic and I learned a lot from them over the years. How you are able too push the envelope without being to childish or silly. Pete's contagious laughter and sense of humor will be missed. He was 81.

Check out some of his tapes with Geets here.