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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

another night at the old movie house

I mourn for the days when Hollywood made movies that were classics. The days when you leave the cinema and you know that the movie you just watched will be a classic and generations after you will be still talking about it. Kids looking up to you asking you if you watched it at the old cinema when you were a child. With some movies, I still remember the day I watched it and with whom and what I thought about it after. These days, I look at Hollywood productions and just smirk, say it was a pretty good attempt and thankful I went to watch it on a Tuesday rather than paying full price for it. I follow in line down the stairs wondering what's the next type of trash Hollywood is going to throw at us. Don't get me wrong. They have delivered some really good movies in the past decade or so. Movies that will live on for years. But not like movies of when I was a child. Movies that are re-mastered and are the main subjects of weekend tributes at those art cinema houses downtown.

My advice for the studios? K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple, Stupid. Don't forget. Ferris didn't have to step in layers of dreams or turn blue to make his day off the most talked about teen flick of all time,

Think about it next time you go to the old movie house.