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Friday, February 11, 2011

ckln lives. for now.

Thanks to the thousands of people coming together who signed petitions, made their voice heard via Facebook, Twitter and on Blogs, the CRTC has decided to give life to Toronto's CKLN. For now. This afternoon, it was announced that CKLN granted stay of CRTC Decision, will remain on air pending the outcome of CKLN’s motion for leave to appeal. This will give the community voice since the early 80s time to get more people behind them in their struggle to stay on-air. In the memo, a station rep was quoted by saying, "CKLN’s history, role and mandate are crucial to this city’s non-mainstream artists, journalists and to several different communities."

The public can help CKLN by going to www.ckln.fm and signing our online petition which is linked from the homepage, currently 5241 signatures and counting; writing to the CRTC and their MPs, whose contacts and a letter for this purpose also inviting the writer to inform the MP why CKLN is valuable to them can also be found on the homepage; and urging friends, family and colleagues to engage likewise.