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Thursday, January 27, 2011

praying for mandela. not sheen.

Sheen rushed to the hospital. Not surprised. From what I saw on Twitter, not many people are. What's really sad is that Mandela was hospitalized today, too but he's not trending like the prime time TV star is. Is it the cool, nerd thing? Sheen being the cool dude and Mandela being the nerd? I know I might go to hell for saying that, but it's true. The cool guys always get more ink. Also, Mandela is older. Much older. Is he still news? He should be. I still remember the day when he was freed from jail. I was in my parents bedroom about to watch a Canadian kids talk show that used to be on CBC Sunday mornings. But then the news came on. It was Breaking News. My parents rushed to the television while I was protesting this boring stuff. My parents told me that this was something I had to watch. Something that will stay with me for the rest of my life. They were right. It did. I will always remember that day when I watched Mandela walk out of that cell. It would be years later till I actually knew what it really meant for my parents and the world to see this man be freed from isolation.

Did Sheen do anything like that to me? No. Eight Men Out was Ok. I remember when Winners opened by my house, and I bought the movie on tape. Two and A Half Men is funny, but I never got into it like any of Sheen's movies. It has its moments.

Mandela is the man. Someone who we will never be caught with a two hookers and a briefcase of cocaine doing a 24-hour bender - Even though partying with Nelson would be pretty cool.

I say strength and good health to both but it's Mandela I'll be praying for tonight.