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Sunday, November 28, 2010

thank you leslie.

Bummer. Leslie Nielsen died. Just the other day I was watching him on the last episode of Golden Girls and was wondering what he was up to. Guy was old. 84. Always thought of him as being younger. I guess all funny people you think would be young. Because they laugh a lot. Leslie to me was humor. Just a barrel of them. Still remember watching Naked Gun with my Dad that summer it was released. We must have gone 7 or 8 times to watch that flick. I watched that whole series. The original one, though had me in knots. Each time it got better. Funnier. It had me rolling in the isles laughing. It was the funniest piece of movie gold I'd ever seen. It still ranks up to be one of the funniest movies I've ever watched. Leslie taught me about humor, also. About timing and how to be serious when delivering The Line. The more serious you end up being the funnier the joke will be, I heard him say once. He was the best at slapstick humor, too. Airplane was another classic. It's a sad day in North Hollywood. One of our funnyman left us. Still laughing.