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Friday, October 1, 2010

exclusive: ex-edge jock jason barr sends a note

I got an e-mail earlier on this morning. The subject was Take A Look. Sounding like an e-mail from oversees that would later crash my computer, I very cautiously took the chance and opened it. The note said Hey Shane. We thought you might be interested in this link. Have a look if you get the chance. Thanks. Biggs & Barr Biggs and Barr, I thought. Huh. Then it clicked in. It was THE Biggs and THE Barr. The same dudes who got fired form their radio shows this past summer. Chris Biggs, who was let go from 99.9 along with Jimmy T, Taylor Kaye and Lynda Stratus has teamed up with Jason Barr who got the slip in August from The Edge. The unemployed radio sorts thought it would be a good idea to join forces and look for a new home. Hence the link that was included in the e-mail. It was a video promoting that the two are looking for work. I replied and told them that I shoot them some questions to post up on here and then also post the vid. Barr quickly replied and this is what he had to say:

Shane Fame Alexander: So I take it you both met up in the radio unemployment line and started to talk? Was this talked about before or is it something sorta new that you came up with?

Jason Barr: Chris Biggs and Jason Barr had never met each other before that sunny day in late August of 2010. The day after Barr's tenure ended with 102.1 , Biggs (most recently of Virgin Radio) contacted him and they had a really fancy lunch together (Swiss Chalet). What else did they have to do, they were both unemployed. They talked over a couple of tantalizing Quarter Chickens and agreed that they liked each other enough to go ahead and try to make radio magic again, but this time with each other.

SFA: Can you say what happened why your ex-employers let you go?

JB: Biggs and Barr consider the past to be in the past. Good times were had. They wish everyone the best of luck in their future endeavours. Biggs and Barr are all about moving forward.

SFA: Any prospects yet?

JB: Biggs and Barr can't comment on prospects at this time, but would be willing to chat with anyone who is interested about possible employment.

SFA: Do you kinda wish top40 AM radio stations with morning zoo's still existed?

JB: Not really, that kind of radio had it's time. You still remember where you came from, but progression is the key.

SFA: Jesse and Gene or Humble and Fred?

JB: I was always an Humble & Fred guy. I'll say Biggs was too.

SFA: Anything else to plug? Website? Facebook? Twitter?

JB: There is the YouTube site, we'll stick with that right now. We will keep you posted with anything new that comes up.

I would like to thank Barr and Biggs for the note and making us believe that someday, hopefully soon, radio will be back to what it should sound like - funny, entertaining and with good talent driving us to work.