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Thursday, August 26, 2010

the `m' word

My nephew recently moved closer to my mother and I. He moved from Oakville. With the move, the little guy also had to switch schools. He went from daycare to a Montessori school. Yeah. The “M” word. At least, it’s a swear word to any red-blooded true Waldorfian.

I know my sister and brother-in-law made the right decision for my nephew. Thinking of his needs before theirs. I know that. However, like a father told by his son not to go to any of his softball games anymore, I felt saddened. Lost by their choice. I looked forward to showing my nephew where my old locker was. Introducing him to my old teachers. (Yeah. Some of them are still there). Showing him the chair I sat in when I went to the library. I wanted to show-off my grad picture on the wall.

I guess he can always join in High School.

This made me wonder if I would take my child to Waldorf. The first thought would be an enthusiastic Yes!. Of course I would. I want them to get the same education I was lucky enough to get. However, I have to step back and let reality set in. Waldorf education isn’t for everyone.

That said, I would have to see what they were like. What they wanted to become. Where their strengths are. Their weakness’. Do they like the arts? Making stuff from wood? Music? Then obviously I would give Waldorf a try. However, if they’re totally opposite and using the different sides of the dome, maybe the public school system or another private school would be ideal for them.

I guess my first lesson in parenthood before even becoming a parent is to not be so obsessed with our own needs for the child but look to them and have them make up our minds. It’s their life and even though young, they will lead you in the right direction in what they want in life. You just have to trust them.