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Thursday, January 21, 2010

the buried life..

I'm a fan of some MTV programming. However, most of the shows on the network are just plain shallow and head numbing. It describes why Television is so bad for you. Through this mountain of shallow trails, however, I found a show that brought some deepness into the travels. The Buried Life. Just watched the premier episode on the website.

The show is about a group of friends who travel around crossing off what they want to do in life. The first one had them sneak into the Playboy Mansion. It's an inspiring new show on a network that really needs more depth. One thing I always believed with music channels is that it's the modern day school for the next generation. Whatever generation that might be. The kids will watch whatever you put on. Actually, let me re-phrase that. They do watch everything you put on. You have the power. Don't use your power to promote shallowness and gossipy fake blonds. Use your power to promote smart, well-rounded individuals. I think The Buried Life is a good first step in this direction. Hopefully they'll continue to make more shows like this one. I'm looking forward to next week's episode.

Someday, I'll share with you what's on my list of to-do's before I pass. Now, I think sneaking into The Mansion could be one.