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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

ez flippin to boom-fm boxing day...

Could EZ Rock be flipping formats this weekend? That's the rumor. Toronto media diva and CP24 reporter Stephanie Smyth hinted to a possible change in music come Boxing Day. Why would Smyth twitter about that? Does she have anything to do with the new 97.3? Does she know something that we don't know?

EZ Rock has had made some major changes in the past few months by letting go two of their morning run members along with the midday host only to be replaced by a old CHUM and CFNY mainstay coming in early 2010. Could this all be leading up to a younger, fresher, yet..Hipper type of music style?

All fingers are pointing to a triple A style. The style that leads more into playing lesser known songs from all types of genres stying away from rap and heavy metal. Kinda like the old Jack but more diverse. This would be a great way to use morning man Humble Howard's fanbase from his days at CFNY. Was there another reason why he had his longtime 'NY partner Fred Patterson on the air with him the other day? I'm not saying that this could restult in a Humble and Fred reunion. Just speculating that maybe they used that to gadge how many old NY listeners are listening to his current women-friendly morning show - just to see how this man-friendly new format could work if done correctly.

Stay tuned.

UPDATE: Here's the latest Twitter messege from Smyth where she confirms the flip:
"Astral to flip format at CJEZ on Boxing Day. New name, new format, new personalities. Merry Christmas! "

UPDATE: It's been confirmed that EZ Rock will become 97.3 Boom FM Saturday. It's been hinted that it will be a format for folks between 30-50 years old. Harder classic hits. Kinda like a mix of Mix99 and the new Old CNFY.