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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

rip haydain neale

It's a sad day in the Toronto music scene. It's not very often you meet someone who has made it in Canadian music that is still down to earth and has the same passion about music that they had years ago. While working with REMG and attending Trebas, I was lucky to have met some.

Haydain Neal was one of them.

I first met Haydain during CMW 2000 while I was volunteering there as part of a project for my publicity class at Trebas. After leaving Trebas I started to work with REMG, where I was a flyer guy. I would see Haydain around every few weeks. Haydain would be at the show performing or just hanging out. He always remembered me as That Trebas Kid. He would ask me how things were going and asked if I needed any tips or advice about the industry. He would also be sure to add in how much he appreciated how hard I was working - even though it wasn't for him or his group Jacksoul, he appreciated it. It's because he knew it was for the greater cause. The music. But even larger than that. It was for Canadian Music. That's what he loved. That's what he had the passion for. That's what he lived for. Music.

It is his music that we will miss most.

RIP Haydain.

Thanks for your music and your words.

They'll be missed.