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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

our kids: christmas time at waldorf

The holiday season is always the best time of year at Waldorf. We had the Christmas Fair, plays by the lower school, food, and even a visit from the big jolly guy from the North came to pay the High School students a visit. Secret Santa ran for the last few weeks before Christmas vacation.

Days leading up to the holidays were busy and stressful. Running around from class to class worrying about Main Lesson tests and projects due, you tend to get this reassurance that everything will pay off as you smell the candle wax in the air as the lower school was in the gym area standing in line dipping gently into this huge pot making their own candle which they will later decorate.

The best was when you had a really stressful day and you would return to your locker and see a gift for you hidden away. It was from your Secret Santa. It always made my day. It might have been a little gift certificate to the coffee shop down the street, or a gnome doll or even maybe a CD of your favorite artist at the time. It all made it worthwhile. The stress, the tests, the homework. The cold days walking up the huge hill. It made your headache go away and remember that the holidays are just a few short weeks away.

It was reinsurance.

The Christmas Fair. A weekend event usually held on the last weekend in November where Waldorf turns into a huge three floor Holiday playgrond full of gifts, food, music, and arts and crafts for the kids. The students and staff played hosts as thousands would enter the doors to spend the day walking around the round school buying, eating and celebrating.

Every Monday in the month of December the whole school would gather in the forum to light a candle. It was our Advent ceremony. One representative from each class would have a candle in hand and walk to the front of the forum to light it. They would return to their class and remain standing until all the classes did the deed. It was a beautiful weekly gathering that started off your week with a peacfull feeling.

From the Christmas fair to the Secret Santa’s, it was all a wonderful time of year at the Waldorf School, but above everything, it’s the smell of candle wax that I miss the most.