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Thursday, July 16, 2009

eat that, drink that: queen west

I haven't been to Queen West in a while. Miss it. I remember when I working with REMG at their offices on Fridays I would walk over to Queen and Bathurst and get invaded by some of the best food in the city. All neighboring each other complimenting each others odor radiating from the store's front doors. From normal everyday American dishes, to Indian food, to Caribbean servings, to some of the best greasy spoon and sushi restaurants in the city, Queen West is best to walk down on an empty stomach. My favorite is Ghandi's for most delicious and healthy proportions of Curry in the city. From Goat, to Chicken to Beef, Ghandi's rolls up the curry with homemade roti that's to die for. They also have a great Chicken Shawarma. Next is Ackee Tree Jamaican Cuisine which is a new Queen and Spadina find that is raising a lot of eyebrows with the take out eatery. They have an excellent Caribbean menu which is also very cheap on the pocket - perfect for nearby University students. Amato's Pizza is a legendary late night pizza joint that many clubbers crawl to after a night of partying for some of the largest pieces of pizza in the city. A wide range of unique topped pizza, along with a great price for two large pieces, is just a couple of reasons why this pizza joint has become a local treasure.

Those are some of my favorite local spots. Many memories with all of them. If you have taste buds that love the inexpensive culture cooking, check out Queen West next time you're downtown. Your stomach will love for it.