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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

rumack dumped

Another dumping from The Star...

The guy who billed himself as The Late-Night Vampire has been de-fanged.

Norm Rumack was one of the casualties today as all-sports talk station FAN 590 axed three employees. Rumack was the only on-air personality to lose his job. In total, Rogers-owned stations axed four ad reps, Rumack and an unidentified behind-the-scenes employee.

Rumack had a small audience because of his time slot, but he was one of the few FAN originals still on the payroll.

``I have to admit I didn't see this coming and it hit me pretty hard," said Rumack. ``There's no question, it's devastating."

Rumack said he's not bitter, though. ``After 17 years, I have a lot of good memories," he said. ``I'll just have to move on and see what's out there."

Rumack's last show was Saturday.

``I didn't get to say goodbye," the 54-year-old announcer said. ``I'd like to thank all those who listened."

FAN vice-president and general manager Nelson Millman said cuts were made because of the faltering economy.

``Unfortunately, it's a sign of the times we're in with ad revenues down everywhere," he said. ``I haven't fired too many people over the years."

Millman said there are no plans for a permanent replacement.

``It will be a mix of some specialty programming, extension of our play-by-play events and some of our young talent," he said.