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Monday, June 1, 2009

more talk for me..

Last week, Mike Boon wrote an entry about his dislike with Toronto's Jack-FM. I never did listen to Jack. However, Boon's article was more about what's wrong with Toronto radio, which I can comment about. For me, I gave up on music radio a while back. When I do listen to music radio it's not for the music. It's not for the news. It's not for the promotions. It's for me to catch up and see how my radio pals are doing. As soon as the talk stops, I switch back to the other stations. The others? Yeah. I have others I listen to on a constant basis. I mostly listen to CFRB. I've been following Bill Carroll's career since he was at AM640 and Jim Richards, John Moore, and Ryan Dole have become some of my favorite talk talent that have made me not having to switch over to 'RB's main competitor 640 to check-up on longtime favorite, Mike Stafford. Matter of fact I just remembered recently that Stafford is fronting the 10-Noon and 1-2pm slot over there while my all time number one, John Oakley is still hosting the morning run. So why don't I listen to 640? Too much sports. I'm not that big on The Leafs where I would be able to sit out a whole hour of Leaf talk just so I can hear Stafford for another two hours. That's why I originally switched over to 1010 in the first place.

I've been listening to talk radio for a few years now since I gave up on music radio. Music radio is what's wrong with the local radio scene. It's a repetitive jukebox with no personality and no announcers showcasing their talent. It's blah sounds bumping out of the tweeters and bumpers with no real energy being made. In an age of mp3 players, computer libraries almost bigger than any radio stations, and other ways to get music for free, I don't see how music stations can survive without that extra personality we grew up with. I know years ago, it wasn't the pop music that CFTR was playing that kept me wanting to listen everyday. It was the people. The talent. The genius behind the microphone.

At least with talk radio there's diversity and something new everyday and a chance of original creative radio. That's what radio should be. That's what Toronto radio used to be.