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Tuesday, June 30, 2009


'Love Everyday' aims to increase awareness about poverty and under privileged people in our communities. Our message is that all of us are truly privileged with great people and opportunities in our lives, but so few of us are fully aware of them all. We hope to serve as a reminder that no matter who you are or where you are from, there are things you have in life that someone else doesn't have. Whether that be friends, family, or a warm place to sleep - Appreciate and love them all for all they’re worth. By helping people realize and appreciate all the things they have in life, we hopefully encourage them to share their gifts with those less fortunate. Through educating people on the issue of poverty, we help give a face and identity to those that most of society just gloss over or don't see at all. It’s our goal to show people that they possess the power to make a positive difference in their community and these peoples’ lives.

This is the idea that started the 'Love Everyday' line of shirts. It's not just about showing off clothes, it's about showing off a statement. We currently sell 'Love Everyday' shirts in store and also online. I do my best to demonstrate the 'Love Everyday' message by using all the proceeds from these shirts to help out people on the streets. Most of the money goes to their food, but also things like blankets and clothing. Sometimes all someone needs is someone to sit and listen to them as equals. That one shirt you buy can help provide meals, clothes, and hope for people in need. You can read more about all that right here on our web site, and see exactly where your contributions go.

You can order these shirts online through our apparel section. They are also available in 'Adrenaline Tattoos' 239 Queen Street West, Toronto, and 'Moog Audio - Slinky Music', 442 Queen Street West, Toronto.