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Thursday, May 7, 2009

raindrops falling on my head..

Had a meeting with Seneca today. Went well. I have a second meeting at the end of the month where we'll decide if I qualify for their program and where I should go. Where I want to go. If I can go and if The Man will let me go. If They will pay for the course. It would be dope if they can. I would, but it'd be better if they can and still get some dough rolling in. Otherwise, did some more spring cleaning. Opened the doors and let the breeze out while I was shredding papers. Shredding up the past. Then the rain came. Rain makes me sleep. I went upstairs and stayed in my bed for an hour. Rain makes me feel so unproductive. I needed to get ready though. Walked over to Seneca. Drained me. Again, Blame it on the Rain. Watched a few cool wrestling documentaries about writing today. Writing the script. It was pretty cool as a fan and as a writer. I think maybe I could go up there and see if I could write a show. I know I have a lot of ideas for storylines. Things they didn't do. Things they did but I would do differently. Things they haven't done..yet. Man, I'm sure I know about the square circle than most of their writers right now. Most of them come from writing TV sitcoms and talk shows. But that's just another rant for another rainy day. Rain. I would've gone out tonight too but got tired after the meeting and just wanted to change into my joggers and t-shirt, eat some grub and watch the tele and do some writing. Still want to know where I should take the Momdukes tomorrow or Saturday for dinner. Thinking around the area. Thinking somewhere new. Thinking either Asian or Italian. Umm. Hope it doesn't rain, though. Don't think it will. Saturday or Sunday. Yeah. That's when I think it will next. Other than that? Not much else going on besides the Raindrops Falling on my Head.