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Thursday, April 23, 2009

reader of one...

Last night I needed to get out. Needed to get away from everything and in a way, everyone. I know that the following will be oxymoronic (did I just make up that word? Huh..) but I called up a pal of mine and we went to get some beer. I met some pals down there and had a good time. I needed to catch the last bus home. Don't want to waste money on taking taxis anymore. Getting too expensive. However, while the night went on, I didn't really want to leave. Not that I was having the best night ever, I was just happy being out. Being free from the worries for a while. I knew I wasn't going to catch the last bus so I made up a game plan. Going to finish up drinking here and then run it old school styles. Walk down to my old coffee hangout where I used to go to write. So I did. Walked for a good 20 minutes south to the spot. Blasting Hip Hop and enjoying the privacy for a while. At first I was second thinking my choice, but after I got to the coffee house, I realized I needed it. I talked to a friend of mine and we both made sure things will be okay. Made sure we were both OK. I can't believe I remembered that. What we said. I won't be mad if he doesn't. We were both pretty intoxicated, to tell you the truth. Anyway, I ordered a coffee and I got down to write. I wrote down everything I was feeling at the time. How I've been feeling for the past week. How I've been feeling since the weekend. I brought up some old stories. I thought of thoughts I never thought I would share. It was refreshing. But I still needed some kind of company. And I did - even if it was through text messaging. I don't know if they really knew how much I appreciated it. How much it was needed.

But. I just wanted to say Thanks.

You know who you are.

I continued to write. Five pages worth. After I was done one I started another note. Another five pager. All in just under three hours and three coffees deep and maybe a handful of smokes.

Don't you miss smoking in coffee shops? I did last night.

I felt on top of the world. I went outside with my iPod and started to blast various tunes and lit a smoke in joy thinking that this was exactly what I needed.

I miss living in Richmond Hill.

I haven't read back what I wrote last night. Kinda curious. I remember what I wrote, but I just want to read it over to determine if I'll be posting it on here or anywhere, for that matter. To tell you the truth, That was the main intention. To post it on here, But on the way home, I thought maybe it's just for me. Reader of one.

Maybe I will in time. I think the people who will understand will know what I'm saying. Will feel me and what's been going on in my mind for the last week or so.

Right now, I'm thankful I was one with the earth last night on its day (or night that is) when I needed the earth's knowledge the most.

Thanks, World. I owe you one.