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Thursday, April 2, 2009

drawings on the tv..

Some of my earliest TV memories came from the living room floor at my Grandmothers old apartment on Lawrence Avenue near Victoria Park. My Grandmother would take care of me during the day while my Mom would help my Dad out at his work. The day was all about eating homemade apple pie and watching television. I basically ruled the land of the remote control during the day. I could watch anything on the ol' tele as long as it was Grandma approved. The only rule. Grandma had to watch her news at Noon and at 6pm before she turned in for the night. I gave her that. It was usually when I would take my nap, anyway. Back then as a mere tot, I didn't really care about news. Sports? Maybe. I was getting into baseball and a bit of hockey. I would watch the score fly by the old beaten up television fresh from Guyana. I also liked Entertainment. I thought that part of the news was flashy, and loud and fun. I always tried to check out what was going on in the movies and the rest of Hollywood. However, there was this one voice that I always found pretty cool. The voice was at the beginning of the newscast boasting that you were watching CFTO TV in Stereo. Channel Nine in Toronto. Cable Eight . I would later realize that the voice also did the weather and by golly, the guy looked as friendly as he sounded.

His name was Dave Devall.

Devall's boisterous friendly newscaster voice would resonate through the lound speakers every day to tell us what the weather would be like. He was also a multi- tasker. He would draw the weather on our TV screens. My grandmother would always laugh when he came on. I think she had a crush on him. I can't see why women wouldn't like Dave the Gentleman. He was funny, knowledgeable, reliable, trustworthy had a face to be in front of the camera and he was just a good guy.

Throughout the years, five generations of ladies have grown up watching Devall doing the weather - sounding as cleaver and smart as his first day at the gig. His first day? That was back in '61. Long career. Even Guinness Book of World Records' called. He's being inducted as the person with the longest career as a weather forecaster.

"I can't go anywhere in the world without being somebody," Devall told The Toronto Sun Thrusday. "I've been to many places -- Europe, Africa, India, you name it -- and it's amazing the people who come up to me. They have this quizzical look on their faces, and they say, 'Hey, you're Dave Devall.' And of course what they're really saying is, 'What the hell are you doing here?'

In the broadcasting industry, the broadcaster becomes a friend in the dark. You can rely on them to be there to make you feel better or get the news you need and trust them that it's accurate stuff. However, it's really hard to last more than a couple of decades in the game - especially in a market like Toronto.

But Dave did it.

I think it was due to his personable nature that could cross all boundaries from grandmothers making apple pies, to grandson's lying on the apartment floor watching the bright colors and listening to the nice guy on the television drawing sunny skies and fluffy clouds.

Dave says goodbye Friday at 6pm on the same Devall station, CTV.