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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

plans for the g20 summit

From Reuters

Police are preparing for protests in London as leaders of the world's largest economies gather for a G20 summit in the British capital on April 2.
Here are a list of the major protests that have taken place and are expected:

March 28:

* Tens of thousands of people marched in capital cities across Europe to protest about the economic crisis and urge world leaders to act on poverty, jobs and climate change.

* In London, protesters chanted "tax the rich, make them pay" as they marched, waving banners which read "People before Profit."

April 1:

* Anti-war march, organised by Stop the War Coalition, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, Palestine Solidarity Campaign and the British Muslim Initiative.

"Our message will be "Yes We Can'. Yes we can end the siege of Gaza and free Palestine, get the troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan, make jobs not bombs, abolish nukes, and stop arming Israel," organisers say.

Protesters will gather at the U.S. Embassy on Grosvenor Square and march for a rally in central London. The groups will also be marching to demonstrate the following day at the ExCel conference centre in east London, near the Canary Wharf financial district, where the summit is being held.

* FINANCIAL FOOLS DAY demonstration. According to protest internet sites, processions will begin at four railway stations near the City of London financial district, headed by "Four Horsefolk of the Apocalypse" -- Climate Chaos, War, Job/saving/pensions losses, and Home repossessions.

The parades will converge on the Bank of England.

"Join thousands of disgruntled, angry, pissed-off people on the streets of the financial district," said a statement posted on the "Wombles" anarchist website.

"As the bankers continue to cream off billions of pounds of our money let's put the call out -- reclaim the money, storm the banks and send them packing."

* FOSSIL FOOLS DAY demonstration. Environment campaigners plan a "Climate Camp" in front of the Bank of England and at the European Climate Exchange in London's Bishopsgate area.

Organisers say there will also be a demonstration outside the ExCel Centre, where they will have a large block of ice.

"Whether you've been looking for a chance to dip a toe into the growing climate action movement, or have had your kick-ass action planned since last year, now is the time to do it -- whatever it is," organisers say on their Web site.


* One anarchist Web site has warned of unspecified action at the summit itself.