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Sunday, March 15, 2009

in the dumps

It's Sunday. Had a busy week so I stayed home all weekend. I caught a bug late on Friday afternoon. Felt really ill. Thought a glass of Neo Citron would cure the cold, but no way. It was here to stay for a few days. Slept and watched the tele from my bed yesterday and today, looks like I'm feeling a bit better but my ribs still hurt. My neck still pains. My throat hurts. The bugger is still here. Trying to feel better by listening to the latest Circle Resrach podcast and munching down on some oranges, and a two multigrain bagels. I need to get better. Going to be busy this week. Too much stuff to do. And who can forget St Patty's?

Must feel better. That's this weeks goal. I hate being sick.

It's that kinda cold where you can't sleep because your nose is constantly running, your eyes are constantly watering or your head is just hurting too much it hurts to close your eyes. After a while, my tele's light was hurting my eyes. The sound from the radio was hurting my eyes. All I wanted was to be asleep in the dark.

On the plus, though. Looks like winter is gone this week. Plus' all week. That's sure to make me feel better.

We'll see.