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Saturday, March 21, 2009

girls action foundation

In 1995, POWER Camp was founded by three young women studying at the University of Ottawa. The trio had conducted research on school curricula and discovered serious gaps in how education systems address the realities faced by girls. To help fill this gap, POWER Camp Ottawa started as a community-based, grassroots summer camp for girls aged 11 to 18. A sister project, Filles d’Action, began serving the francophone community in 1998.

The success of these programs garnered so much interest across Canada that a national meeting was held in 2001 to bring together community organizations engaged in similar initiatives for girls. With the participants’ enthusiastic support, POWER Camp National was founded with the mandate to develop a network of girl-specific programs.

POWER Camp National’s local programs and national network continue to grow, due to high demand for girls’ programs from parents, community organizations and the public. The support and resources offered by the Fondation filles d’action - Girls Action Foundation have connected organizations and individuals to a national community, thereby inspiring new initiatives, collaborations and strengthening their capacity for action.

Fondation filles d’action - Girls Action Foundation is a national charitable organization that inspires and supports the empowerment, leadership and healthy development of girls across Canada. Grounded in research and girls’ realities, our innovative programs address: violence prevention, community engagement, media literacy education, health promotion, anti-racism and healthy sexuality. Our programs combine creative expression, knowledge and skill building activities, mentorship, community action and fun. Through local girls' programs and the national network, Girls Action works to raise awareness and mobilize action towards the elimination of violence and discrimination.

At Girls Action we believe that every girl should have what she needs to participate fully in society. Our activities create opportunities for girls and young women to build their strength, discover their power and gain the confidence they need to bring their gifts to the world. Building a movement of active, engaged young women and organizations across Canada, we envision a new generation committed to creating a just and peaceful world.