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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

toronto's weather landmark steps down..

I first really got to know who Dave Devall was as a youngster just getting interested in broadcasting and started to pay attention to the voices of different TV Stations. James Earl Jones was at America's CNN. Daily at City and then there was Dave Devall at CTV. I wasn't big on their newspackage so I didn't realize he was the weather guy till a few years later, but his voice I always found as being friendly and knew why the station had such big numbers. It wasn't easy to turn the station when you heard Duval's voice.

Now after 48 years of smiles and chalk marks on your television set, Devall is stepping down from his duties. "I've always said that I'll retire when I get it right and I think that I've finally done it!" Devall said in the press release.

CTV has set up a tribute page to Dave here. Check out the countdown to his final broadcast - which will be on April 6, old and new pictures of the vet and much more.