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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

ctv shuts down a..

From Newswire

CTV Inc. announced today that, given the ongoing
structural problems facing the conventional television sector in Canada and
the current global economic crisis, it will not be applying for renewal of the
CKNX-TV Wingham and CHWI-TV Wheatley licences (and its rebroadcaster in

"This decision was difficult but necessary. The traditional economic
model for Canadian television is broken. The financial pressures facing our
conventional television operations are further compounded by the Commission's
decision to turn down requests to implement a fee-for-carriage regime for
local television in October 2008," said Paul Sparkes, Executive
Vice-President, Corporate Affairs, CTVglobemedia. "Unfortunately, we may need
to consider similar actions in other local markets given the current
regulatory framework."

These stations, which operate under the 'A' brand, offer a diverse
schedule of entertainment and local news. As a result of today's announcement,
the communities of Wingham and Windsor will no longer be provided with their
own distinctive local programming. News related to the broader Southwestern
Ontario region will be provided through 'A' London.

The CKNX-TV Wingham and CHWI-TV Wheatley licences will expire at the end
of August 2009.