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Saturday, December 20, 2008

thnking about riv..

Christmas was special to Rivers. Riv wouldn't call anyone unless it was important - which was what happened one day. It was a Thursday. Few days away from Christmas. Riv was on holidays from his morning show on AM640. He needed it. The book just came in and he wasn't doing too well. Tom was sensitive when it came to ratings. He felt he was washed up. I continued to tell him that the ratings he got at CFTR back in the day could still happen, but the station needed better promotion and well, at the time - management. But what did I know? I was just a kid.

I answered the phone. We talked about radio stuff and life and the usual. I forget most of the conversation, but it was a special one because he took the effort to do so. For the seven years I knew him, there was only a handful of times when he called me. Once because Terry Steele passed. The other because he found out that a family friend died, and other time was because he was mad at me. Then there was this time.

In his later days I think he needed that security that he was still The Shit and I know that if he would call me, I would remind him. I was his biggest fan, after all..

Even though I don't remember what we really talked about during that convo, it was just the action of him picking up the phone and dialing the numbers to talk to me. It's the little things that you remember the most when you loose someone special to you.