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Sunday, December 7, 2008

it wouldn't be the holidays without them..

Just tuned into Home Alone. Reminds me that for the next few weeks we'll be over joyed with holiday movies. The movies you can't really watch any other time of the year, but at this time. With Candy cane's in the candy bowl, a hot fire a brewing, hot chocolate and marshmallows in the coffee mug and some rum cake to munch on. It makes up a picture perfect Holiday night with the fam. I've come up with a little list of my favorite Holiday flicks. The ones that I've created memories with and must watch at least a few hundred times before Christmas Day.

A Christmas Story

Even though it was made back in the early 80's, it still remains one of the most realistic Christmas movies out there. OK, some parts are a bit too Hollywood, but realistic to a boy growing up still on the fence of being innocent and cluing into what Christmas is really all about and the truth about Santa Clause. It's about innocence and the power imagination which is why I think it still remains one of the most loved Holiday flicks.

National Lampoon's Christmas

The dinner scene remains one of the best scenes of all times in movies. Love it. This takes the cake of the best Holiday comedy's of all time. Light, heartfelt but still with that cheesy holiday message

A Wonderful Life

The most viewed Holiday movie of all time, I believe and still makes everyone emotional. That's when you have a true classic on your hands. Everyone knows what happens. Everyone knows what goes on in the bar and at the bank, but everyone still gets moved by it. It makes you realize that maybe it is a wonderful life.

Home Alone

The makings of a real Holiday keeper. A boy trying to build on that male ego and protects his lair while his family tries to get back to make sure junior is alright and not home alone during the Holidays. At the end, everyone realizes what's what really important at Christmas time and every other day of the year.